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Erotic Artist & Author

Painting, Writing and photography are my passions.  I record absolutely everything via one or all of these mediums. 

Life's little survival kit; Heavy rainfall, fresh mountain air, sea breezes, moonbeams, sex, music, a well filled wallet and my cat.

One can achieve nothing in life without the support of like minded people.  I have the good fortune to be one of these people and owe the success of this series to them. xxo


How it all began...

My passion for art began as a child, ignited by my sixth grade teacher and subsequently nurtured and encouraged by my family and loved ones.  My earliest inspirations sprang from the gifting to me of authoress Anais Nin's book, Delta Of Venus, and the sighting of a collection of works by artists Boris Vallejo & Frank Frazetta.

I began painting and writing seriously in my early teens; my first publications being centrefold poster artworks, erotic fiction and short feature articles for both esoteric and erotic magazines. I studied for my BA at RMIT University.

My artworks stem mostly from the passion I hold for all things erotic and esoteric. I enjoy painting anything and everything that inspires me; but in particular, I lust to paint erotica in all it's forms, from sensual innuendo, to fully explicit eroticism.

An ever present hunger for the ancient arts and mythology is reflected in many of my earlier and more esoteric works. I am an avid collector of art, music, playing cards and books; in particular LP's, erotic artwork and the written works of authors Anais Nin and Robert Graves, who's writings are a never ending source of erotic and mythological inspiration for me.

Africa holds a secret which captures my heart and I am enthralled by the mysteries of the East.

Birds, winged and otherwise and elephants are always a passion and I absolutely revel in painting the female form.

All my works are always hand painted or hand rendered originals. I never airbrush or use digital media. My preferred mediums are oil on canvas or acrylic on board, but I can and do dabble in most mediums as the muse moves.

I undertake private commissions to personal taste and requirements.  Absolute privacy and confidentiality assured.

Available for 'Artist In Residence'.

Any and all queries are most welcome, please email directly; 

email :  t . sales @ live . com . au



Many thanks.  Enjoy!













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